Be Natural, Be Vegan, Compete and Go to Kona!

KIR Natural Foods is excited that Andrew Deak, a member of the Nanu team, is heading to Kona, Hawaii to compete in the Ironman World Championship. Andrew committed to being a vegan over 10 years ago. Two years ago, inspired by his “triathlon vegan brother”, Andrew decided to move his plant-based engine from running-for-fitness to racing marathons and eventually tackling the Ironman. After quickly getting the hang of the swim-bike-run thing, Andrew has now qualified to compete against the world’s best on the Big Island!

Andrew uses the new Nanu Energy and Recovery bars while training and racing. Nanu bars are made of all natural food and loaded with energy the way nature intended. No additives to make them pretty, no fillers to make them less costly, no lab created ingredients to hold the color or shape. Food, all food and nothing but food designed by high-performing athletes, like Andrew. Check out Nanu at Keep watching because there is more to come!

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