Bear turns NYC Marathon into a warm up!

Last Sunday, one of our sponsored plant-based athletes, Bear was in action completing yet another endurance challenge – this time it was the New York Marathon which he successfully completed in 3 hours 28 minutes. Here’s what he had to say about the experience:

“What a rush! This was my first ever running marathon and after a season of focusing on endurance cycling, I found myself with only 5 weeks to start training for New York. The aerobic engine was already there so I focused on slow miles in training and building up efficient running techniques via my awesome Chi running coach in London. I had no doubts I would finish but was sheepishly expecting to maybe nudge in just below 4 hours depending on how my running muscles performed. I am absolutely thrilled to have knocked 32 minutes off that target.

The atmosphere was electric…and LOUD! From the moment the starting cannon went off on Staten Island, around every corner, I and the 50,000 other runners were met with whooping, cheering, impromptu music bands on the streets, gospel singers, impassioned dancers and more as we ran through the 5 boroughs of New York. I loved every minute of it and found myself high fiving all the kids and locals on side of the roads and soaking up all the great energy they were offering. If life is about experiences, then this was certainly one I will always remember and treasure!

My pre race rolling breakfast, starting from 3 hours pre race up to race start, consisted of 3 Nanu energy bars and 2 bananas. I then consumed an additional 2 Nanu energy bars during the run. It worked like a treat – I had constant energy throughout the run and the Nanu bars along with the crowds led to me running an average of 7.57 per mile across the marathon which is almost 2 minutes faster than what I had been running in my build up training!! For recovery, I gobbled a few Nanu recovery bars – perfect for restoring those tired muscles which are still adapting to this recent running business!

Not one to hibernate over the winter, Bear’s next endurance race to test his limits while fueled by Nanu products ( will be the Spine race ( on 10th January 2015 which is a non-stop 268 miles long foot race through ice, wind and snow in the Penine mountain range in northern England. We wish him well in his training over next 2 months! Go Bear Go!

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