El Oso Loco, the vegan racer

El Oso Loco es muy hambriento! Ten cuidado, Oregon. Tenga mucho cuidado! Don’t speak Spanish? The Crazy Bear is very hungry. Be careful Oregon, be very careful!


El Oso Loco is the nickname for one of KIR’s favorite athletes. Sean Hernon is a plant-based (alias vegan) endurance cyclist who has been deemed crazy because he thinks a 150 mile ride is a warmup. Sean works in the clean energy business, resides in London, and races the world on a carbon free bicycle.


At 5:00am on Saturday, July 19 Sean will depart on a 520 mile endurance race called the Race Across Oregon. Sean is determined to demonstrate that even a bear can do it on whole, natural, real food lifestyle and, yes, there’s no meat involved.


Sean’s primary fuel will be new products coming to market before the end of July called NANU™, performance nutrition developed by athletes for athletes. NANU™ products are not processed in ways that destroy the true nutritional value and contain only real food. No additives, no cooking, frying, or baking.


Keep an eye on KIR for more exciting news about NANU…coming soon!


So go ahead and get some beauty sleep on the 19th. You won’t miss anything because this El Oso Loco will be racing for the next 40 hours! But do send him your good thoughts and encouragement. This bear understands that this is crazy but fun!


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