Hard work, natural and vegan lifestyle conquer all!

Andrew Deak is demonstrating very quickly that hard work and good, natural nutrition can conquer all. With less than 2 years of competing under his belt, Andrew took on the Ironman Mont Tremblant competition in Canada. There were over 2,300 compeitors at the start of the event. The result? 5th in his age group, 19th overall and a final time of 9 hours 32 minutes! His age-group placing means he has qualified to compete at the world championship in Kona Hawaii! Congratulations Andrew! Oh, lest we forget, Andrew is a vegan and trains and races on a plant-based lifestyle.

Andrew is a member of the Nanu™ competition team. Nanu™ is a new brand of natural food designed by athletes for athletes to enhance performance through good quality, whole nutrition. Andrew is living proof that we don’t need the enhanced, modified, processed products to compete at a high level. Success can come with real food, where you know what you are eating and why.

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