Help defeat Lupus

Run for Maureen – Help defeat Lupus
The Chicago marathon is fast approaching. Rebekah Werner has been training so she can bring attention to the battle to defeat Lupus. Rebekah’s mother-in-law (my wife) has struggled with lupus since it first revealed itself in 1989 and Rebbie has decided to do something to help.

Lupus is a disease that affects the entire family. Normal lifestyles are disrupted as Lupus seems to prefer to flare up at the worst times. Want to play with your kids? Maybe, maybe not. Want to go to the theater? Maybe, maybe not. Want to play tennis? Maybe, maybe not. Want to cook dinner? Maybe, maybe not. Lots of maybes come into your life. As the disease progresses the more frequent answer is probably not.

Lupus can be cured. Lupus will be cured, but only if you help. Donate for the victims. Donate for the bigger circle of victims called family and friends. If you want to learn more about Lupus go to our earlier blog or go to AND please share this post for us. Time to beat one mean disease. #runformaureen @nanuperformance

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