How You, Too, Can Race Across Oregon

The best way to understand the important balance between the desire to compete at the highest level and the body’s need for nutrition to make that happen is to explore the actual activities and performance of an active athlete. There are lessons to be learned, as well as your own experiences to share, if you read the blog recently posted by Sean “Bear” Hernon.

Sean recounts in glorious detail the successes and pains of competing in a 520 mile non-stop race across the great State of Oregon. What did he need to complete that race in one of the fastest times in its history? What did he need for 41,000 feet of climbing? What do you do when you are pushing yourself to the limit? Sean explores and answers these questions in fascinating detail.

When you read it, you will see that a new brand by the name of Nanu, performance nutrition for developed by athletes for athletes, played an important part in the Bear’s success. Are you ready to get successful the natural way?

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