KIR heads for Richmond

The Richmond Endurance Symposium is the first event of its kind in this region. Sponsored by Tidewater Physical Therapy it is attracting athletes and medical professionals from throughout Virginia. KIR has decided to become a sponsor to introduce its products to this very elite group of people committed to competitive level fitness and nutrition.

KIR brings innovative products to market that offer significant health benefits and a true departure from major food producers “processed” health foods. For more information visit us at the Symposium or check us out online.

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  1. Karen Kovacs says:

    Excited to be among at least 50 other USA Triathlon Coaches at the Richmond Endurance Athlete Symposium & Expo, plus athletes and healthcare providers, to learn more about the food products KIR offers that may provide a competitive edge.

    • d.werner says:

      Hi Karen,
      Did you make it to the Richmond Expo? We got quite busy sampling Nanu and answering questions and I am not sure if we were able to chat.

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