Lizzy has a Red Rocks smile

Recently I was climbing with a group of friends in Red Rock Canyon, Nevada. This trip reminded me that the social aspect is one of things I love most about climbing, whether in the gym or outside. There is a very strong sense of community at my local gym, a convenient place for people to gather and climb together. I’ve made some great friends through climbing, and I’ve had the opportunity to go on fun and exciting adventures with many of them!

The first time I went on an overnight trip with a group of friends from the gym, we went to Red River Gorge in Kentucky. I was a little nervous because I was still relatively new to climbing and they were all stronger climbers than me. During the trip everybody was incredibly supportive and encouraging and never made me feel self-conscious about not being able to climb all the routes they could.

Climbing is a very physically demanding sport, but often the most challenging parts are in your mind. There are times when it gets scary, and maybe you start to doubt your ability to make that next move, or can’t trust your shoe’s rubber to stick to the rock, or dwell too much on what could go wrong if you fall. It can be hard but very rewarding when you are able to clear your mind of the fear and doubt and focus just on executing the movements.

Climbing is not about competing against others. It’s about challenging yourself and pushing your physical and mental limits. It’s about finding your own personal zen hundreds of feet above the ground. It’s about supporting others in their quest to do the same. But most of all, it’s about having fun. I think the photo taken by Randi Alegre captured one of those joyful moments.

(Nanu welcomes Lizzy to our Nanu Team of people who work hard and yet find a way to live a healthy lifestyle, eat natural and test their limits.)


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