Mana Gea means Mother Earth

There are very few products that can still claim a natural heritage from “Mana Gea”. Humans have altered or added so many things to food products that they can no longer claim the title “from Mother Earth”. One of the few, ancient products that still is considered pure to its roots is olive oil.


We are pleased to introduce to you Mana Gea olive oils. Mana Geo olive oils are pressed from olives grown in ancient orchards, with trees that can be 300 years old (or older!).  That’s right, 300 year old trees. Years ago these trees were first planted and cultivated in Greece, and they have been producing olives and olive oil ever since!

Mana Gea organic olive oil comes from orchards that are not treated with harsh chemicals or pesticides, have not undergone genetic engineering, and the final product is not cut with other oils. The result is the highest quality Greek olive oil you can find.

Try Mana Gea and experience olive oil the way people have enjoyed it for centuries. Yes centuries, not years. Visit us at Mana Gea Oilve Oil , learn a bit more about Mana Gea and give it a try. We take no responsibility if you develop an urge to visit Greece!


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