Nanu™ is a vegan, gluten-free energy hit!

We just finished participating in the Richmond Endurance Symposium & Expo. We sampled and sold, and had a great time introducing Nanu, a new brand of whole food energy bars from KIR, to the over 300 people in attendance. Here’s a recap of some comments:
• Wow! Gluten-free? And Vegan? And it tastes so good!
• Hey, real good. A healthy bar that doesn’t taste like potting soil!
• I am usually not a fan of mint, but this one is excellent! I love how it lingers in your mouth.
• My wife is allergic to soy and eggs, and neither is in Nanu. She is going to love this.
We would report negative comments if there was a negative comment. But we heard over and over again how good they taste and how great the combination of nutrition values are in Nanu bars. Try them!

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  1. Leslie says:

    I have been trying to figure out how many bars are in a case – spent at least 5 minutes clicking around your site and can’t find the answer. What have I missed?

    • d.werner says:

      Hi Leslie,
      My apology for missing this message from you. We will update the site to include the fact that there are 12 bars in a case. You can mix ‘n match in any combination. We are currently running a promotion as well if it peaks your interest. Thank you for your inquiry. We’ll make sure we reply sooner in the future.
      Best wishes, Dennis

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