Plant-powered racing in Kona!

Andrew Deak is a member of the new Nanu competition team. After 10 years as a dedicated vegan, Andrew was inspired by his also vegan brother (David) to tackle Ironman. How about 2.4miles swimming, 112 miles cycling and 26.2 miles running a marathon on a plant-based diet? In only two years of competing our friend earned his way this year to the World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. Look it up! In 9 hours 55 minutes and 49 seconds to be exact (but who’s counting), he conquered Kona!

After dealing with a swim sans wetsuit, Andrew took off on his bike to deal with the legendary ascent to Hawi. The climb was not actually that hard for Andrew, who normally trains in the unrelenting hills of Gatineau Park in Quebec. Rather it was the trade winds that throw people off on race day in Kona (figuratively and literally). Some gusts were at 40mph! And then hold onto your britches for the descent. While it was a relief to be done with the windy bike, the run in the intense heat offered little respite. With the help of some Nanu bars, bananas and oranges, and a whole lot of ice and water, Andrew powered through with a 3:17 marathon. When all was said and done, in less 10 hours, we raised our glasses (of electrolyte blends, of course) as we shouted “Andrew, you are an Ironman!”

Keep an eye on Nanu for more of our Nanu team exploits and the amazing nutrition program they follow.


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