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Need a pick-me-up? Looking for a jolt before a workout or race? Boost your energy with Bzzz Beans to get the caffeine lift of 2 cups of coffee without the inconvenient interruption caused by a cup of liquid coffee. 8 pouches for $15.95. Read more below.


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Competing? Improve your time with one less trip to the little blue shack along the race course! Why not give yourself a taste sensation when you hit that hill climb or before you do another bench press? Heading out to the club tonight? Tear up the dance floor! No coffee breathe, no spilling. Just an energy jolt! Working late? Try 5 beans around 3:00pm and get a joyful pick-me-up! (The joy is in the bean, not in working late!)

Bzzz Beans are made with single source roasted Ecuadorian coffee beans and smothered in semi-sweet chocolate.

Minimum order 8 pouches for $15.95

Each pouch contains 2 oz (56g)

Calories per pouch 267

Carbohydrates per pouch 32g


Additional information

Weight 26 oz
Dimensions 9.75 × 7 × 3 in

2 reviews for Bzzz Beans

  1. Cecilia Keane (verified owner)

    I opened the bag of Bzzz Beans while I was out and about working my real estate business. Good thing my husband did not know that I had it in my latest order because now I may have to hide the rest. Each bag is equal to 2 cups of coffee and 55% cacao. I did not need anything else to eat because this little bag of yummie snack put a smile on my face and gave me a happy productive day. The bag states that is heightens mental energy, all natural caffeine, no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives PLUS GLUTEN FREE. It is all that and MORE.

  2. Cecilia Keane (verified owner)

    OK so I had to admit that I ate the entire bag and disappointed my husband. As a surprise I ordered 2 cases…1 1/2 for me and 1/2 case for him. Does that tell you how much I loved this product?

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