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Schizandra Berry Extract comes from an ancient Chinese berry. It carries a certain degree of mystique, history and fascination. A 4oz jar of Schizandra powder contains 114 servings at 1gm or ¼ teaspoon per serving. Read more below. This berry is full of surprises.

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Schizandra is a perfect example of an ancient Chinese berry that has been used for thousands of years to enhance quality of life. In your life, Schizandra will increase vitality, enhance longevity, and establish balance within your body. It isn’t just another super-fruit like Goji or Acai.

Schizandra has always been held in the highest regard by every culture that has discovered it.
This berry is full of surprises. People say it contains five flavors: sweet, sour, salty, bitter and pungent. Sounds like a real treat! But the treat is not in the flavors, but rather in the effect. Schizandra is called an “adaptogen”, which means in layman’s terms that the effect adapts to your physical needs. Tired but can’t sleep? Have a little Schizandra as a tea. Need more energy but don’t like those caffeine energy drinks? Add a little Schizandra to whatever you are eating and feel the increase in energy or alertness.

From a Western perspective, Schizandra has been the subject of countless studies and trials, revealing benefits that affect virtually every system of the body. From an Eastern perspective, it brings balance and energy to all the five elements, the twelve meridians, and the three vital energies (jing, shen, and qi), promoting health and vitality in your entire body.

Lucidera manufactures a grade of Schizandra Berry Extract that is simply not found anywhere else. Lucidera berries are grown in mineral rich soil on a pristine 50 acre vineyard in Massachusetts. Yes, that’s correct. Right here in good old USA. They are picked ripe and processed on site immediately after harvest. Lucidera uses a proprietary process to maintain the vibrant color, energetic signatures, and flavor profile of the freshly harvested berries, a rare accomplishment in the industry.



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