Mana Gea EVOO from 300 Year Old Trees (Purple label)


Our silky EVOO from 300 Year Old Trees gives the health benefits of the olive oil without feeling its presence. The fruity aromas are a bonus!

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Our company has been born out of our love for the sacred fruit that is the olive.

We remain loyal to the passions and knowledge of our forefathers. Just as in the days of the ancients, olive oil is today enjoyed for its quality, taste and nutritional properties. Some things never change! Mana Gea means Mother Earth. We are organic farmers, that is our commitment to you, to our customers and to the planet. Our organic certifications give you assurance that our olive trees are grown and handled according to strict procedures.

The olive tree is sacred. We cultivate and treat it with respect, honor and passion.
Our trees are old and therefore without any GMO concerns. They were planted hundreds of years ago and the estates are in an area of Greece where olive oil has been produced for thousands of years in the same way and with the same taste.

The Monemvasia region is renowned as one of the best areas in the world for high quality olive oil production. It benefits from higher elevation, which contributes to periods of lower winter temperatures and a moderate rainy season.   Our bottles are dark glass with a sealed cap to protect the freshness of our oils. All bottles have a Harvest Date and a Best Before Date, a clear indication of the freshness of our products. We only sell harvest of the year.


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