Mix ‘n Match 12-pack

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This product is currently being reformulated into an exciting new format. Same all natural food ingredients but in a style that will make Nanu incredibly easier to consume. Keep watching for our announcement.

At 190 calories per bar, Nanu bars are perfect for an extended workout or competition. Take advantage of the case price and buy 12. Go ahead and mix ‘n match the flavors and purposes. For example, try 4 of each Energy bars and 4 Recovery bars. For a description of ingredients, see the “description” section below “add to cart”. (Sorry but currently out of stock)

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Nanu Functional Ingredients (see each product description for specific data on that product)

Blackstrap Molasses: provide B6, calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron.
Brown Rice Syrup: offers a slow release of carbohydrates and vitamins.
Cacao Powder, Cacao Nibs and Carob: contain extremely high anti-oxidant levels.
Chia Seed: offers omega fatty acids, calcium, antioxidants and protein.
Coconut: provides electrolytes and medium chain triglycerides.
Date Paste, Raisins and Wheat-free Rolled Oats: provide slow &quick energy release.
Goji Berry: has anti-inflammatory properties and high anti-oxidant levels.
Himalayan Salt: provides potassium and magnesium for hydration and muscle function.
Lemon and Spearmint oils: aid digestion, improve taste.
Maca Powder: helps hormone balance and replenishment of adrenal glands.
Matcha Green Tea: gives sustained energy, immune function and antioxidant support.
Rice Crisps: add easy to digest protein.
Wheatgrass: stimulates metabolism and the body’s digestive enzyme system.

Additional information

Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 8.625 × 5.375 × 1.625 in

12 Matcha Wheatgrass Lemon, 12 Cacao Goji Maca, 12 Mint Carob Wheatgrass, 6 Matcha + 6 Mint, 6 Matcha + 6 Cacao, 6 Cacao + 6 Mint, 4 Matcha + 4 Cacao + 4 Mint

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  1. Cecilia Keane

    Don’t let your decision be swayed by the description that it provides the needs of athletes and active individuals. Did you ever head out to your job thinking that you would be gone for an hour? Nothing changes if nothing changes. Then you are out of time and can’t pick up lunch. If you are anything like me, I did reach out for quick and easy which basically could be described as “junk food”. Now I have a choice which comes wrapped and ready to take that hunger craving away. Healthy mind, healthy body. You be the JUDGE!

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