Richmond was smashing!

The February 2014 Richmond Endurance Symposium and Expo was like having our sister teach us how to dance before the prom. Great learning experience! By any measure Richmond was a smashing success. There were over 250 in attendance. We got to meet personally about 125 people. Many of the athletes said they are tired of buying and eating products advertised to get desired results but leave them with the residue of ingredients that are not needed or wanted for nutrition, function or effect.We handed out over 175 samples of our new, not yet released products. The concept of intensely nutritious, functionally focused all natural food products that contain only the purest of ingredients with no fillers, no junk, gunk or funk was exciting to people.They loved the taste and promise of what we were sampling. We are definitely on to something. Keep an eye on us. KIR is coming.

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