Run for Maureen and Lupus

KIR and Nanu would like to share a personal experience we have with an insidious autoimmune disease called lupus. Lupus causes an over-active immune system in which the body “turns on itself,” destroying joints, muscles, and organs. It is not contagious, and can strike anyone, but it tends to affect women between the ages of 15-50. It takes a terrible toll over time because of its severe impact on quality of life, which we have seen first-hand.

25 years ago my wife, Maureen, contracted lupus. Since Maureen’s lupus began she has suffered debilitating fatigue, arthritic conditions in her joints, muscle deterioration, attacks on her heart, including pericarditis and insertion of a stent, liver portal hypertension and related ascites, and a colon resection. During this time she raised our 4 fantastic, wonderful children. Maureen has been incredibly strong and brave since the day it began … there is no quit in her!

Our new daughter-in-law has decided to take a stand against lupus by running 26.2 miles in the Chicago Marathon. Rebekah has enlisted the help of family, friends and Nanu Performance Nutrition, to support her as she raises money for lupus research and programs. Rebekah has committed to not only complete the Chicago Marathon, but she has set an ambitious goal to try to do it in less than 4 hours. Nanu will not only help fuel her efforts, we also committed to donate a percentage of every bar sold between April 1 and October 11. To read Rebekah’s commitment, here is the link:

Over 90% of lupus victims are female, but it can affect men, particularly young African-American and Latino males. Lupus can affect anyone, so while Maureen’s story is unique, the disease is not, and Rebekah has inspired us to spread the word. We ask you to please educate yourself about lupus and support the cause to find a cure. If not for yourself, then for Maureen and all women and men afflicted. Run, Rebbie, Run!

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