Something Pure Flavored Coconut Oil

Pure, Unflavored
Basic coconut oil, pure, original, unflavored. Just downright delicious! Use it for foods where you do not want to add a particular Something Pure flavor. It’s also excellent for your skin and hair. Ideal as a spread, as a dip and even on pancakes or waffles. Go ahead and marinate/saute/grill fish, vegetables, poultry, ground meat & eggs. Create your own salad dressings by adding lemon or vinegar. Spice up corn on the cob and popcorn. Oh WOW!

Love to have spicy taste without the kick? Something Pure Chipotle flavored coconut oil with the robust flavor of chilies creates a delicious infusion suitable for any sandwich, wrap, bread, vegetables, fish, poultry or meat. We’re thinking about grilling a burger with Something Pure Chipotle flavored coconut oil…Oh WOW! Or maybe a veggie omelet!

Cinnamon Bun
Think of the alluring aroma of cinnamon buns! Now think of that aroma and enjoying it while you are eating pure nutrition. Try it on toast, bagels, waffles or pancakes. Oh WOW! Rumor has it that a roasted squash with Something Pure Cinnamon Bun coconut oil tastes like pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving.

Creamy Butter
Tastes as real as butter without the negatives of butter. A healthy substitute for dairy butter, or any food where butter may be used. How about mashed potatoes, vegetables, or our personal favorite…popcorn. Oh WOW! And a good movie!

Grilling Herb
Did somebody say grilling? You mean grilling meats, vegetables, or potatoes with a slight garlic flavor? Standing over the grill with an organic beer and the ballgame on the radio? Oh WOW! Show me to the grill!

Herbs de Provencal
Say it like the French! PRO…VEN…SAUL. The French know how to cook! Something Pure Herbs de Provencal coconut oil brings you to the French countryside, where food is better than…whatever! Oh WOW! Did you say and a little organic French white wine with good friends as well?

Mediterranean Herb
The Mediterranean. We think of love, blue, warm, and great food. Oh WOW! There is nothing like Something Pure Mediterranean Herb coconut oil on pasta, or veggies, or even dipping some awesome, multigrain Italian bread. Why do we feel the urge to sing “Oh Sole Mio”?

Velvet Chocolate
Velvet chocolate! Velvet Chocolate coconut oil! What else can we say? Something Pure Velvet Chocolate coconut oil on apples, pears, bananas. And it’s good for you! Oh WOW! We can taste a crepe with Something Pure Velvet Chocolate spread and filled with fresh fruit, and maybe even a little yogurt! Pullleeease!

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