The Morning Bzzz

I think we can all agree that coffee is not just coffee. For some it borders on a mystical experience each day and for others it is a jolt or pick-me up. For everyone coffee carries a lot of personal taste preferences and fits our lifestyles in different ways. Time for you to try Bzzz Coffees from Guatemala and El Salvador. These growing regions have a long history that was disrupted by civil wars, but are now making a well deserved come back.

Looking for smooth? Look no further. The El Salvador is smooth seductive coffee that will make you say “WOW” I don’t even need to add milk. After a cup of this you will be cruising through the day with a light wind at your back.

How about Le High Five? This blend of Guatemala and El Salvador offers the glorious satisfaction of graham crackers and milk duds with a nice “slap” of sweet apple and melon zest. Satisfaction!

Consider Bzzz Adisque coffee. Well balanced and easy to drink this coffee BZZZes with green apple and citrus zest flavors. It is for those looking for that extra fervor on top of their day.

Perhaps as important as the flavors, the Adisque Co-op consists of 165 mostly indigenous families of Mayan decent. 49 women are among the growers contributing to the production of “Sello de Mujer”. Adisque is an organization that provides assistance to small farmers in the production of high-altitude, organic coffees, with a special focus on practices that do not contribute to climate change, and on improving living conditions of local families.

Go ahead and sip and smile while you enjoy the wonderful flavors of Bzzz Coffees.     

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