The Quest

Quest. The act of seeking. It’s a pursuit, a search. Any quest worth the effort usually comes with hard work, struggle, failure, pain and hope. Hope for success. In most cases success means self fulfillment. Enter stage left on the stage of life…Sean Hernon, or as our Irish friends call him, Seán Ó hIarnáin. And, as his friends and family affectionately call him, “Bear”. He may not be as big as one, but he has the ferocity of a bear in his quest.

Bear is an ultra-cyclist who has placed second twice in the Race Around Ireland covering 2,157km or 1,340 miles. It takes about 5 days. He once went “Everesting”. No, not climbing the actual mountain. The event requires that you cycle climb a hill in England 133 times, equating to 9,000 meters, which is about the height of Mt. Everest. Then we have 520 miles and 41,000 ft. of climbing in the Race Across Oregon with a second place finish in a time of 34hours:24minutes:19seconds! Lest we forget, Bear is Vegan. And he is one of the creators of Nanu™.  He is proof you can have the ferocity of a meat eater as a Vegan.

These events, along with many others, led Bear to set out on a quest to become a world champion. Here the story takes a turn. If you take some time and watch this video produced by TG4 in Ireland you will see a man experiencing all that hard work, struggle, failure, and pain. (click “English” in upper right corner if you wish) You will see a man who is living the hard lessons of the quest. But a man who never loses hope. And a man with the courage to share this aspect of his quest.

Bear has not written the last chapter yet. We hope you will take some encouragement from Bear’s experience. It is not always roses, but it is about the self-fulfillment that accompanies every struggle.

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  1. Adam says:

    Your Chlorella/herbal products look very inviting.
    I was wondering about the weight.
    And of course how many servings per container.

    • d.werner says:

      Adam, there are 1000 tablets in a 250 gram bag. A serving size is recommended at 12 tablets. You can take more because both chlorella and spirulina are considered food, not a pharmaceutical. Personally I take about 10 tabs twice a day. Pop them in my mouth and take a swig of water.

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