Why does Nanu follow you?

Let me tell you a brief story. One day a couple of guys who are committed to endurance competition (Ironman and cycling) decided they weren’t happy with existing, so-called convenience, fuels available to athletes. Sure, they were mostly inexpensive, but they also contained weird lab-developed stuff, like soy lecithin, disodium dihydrogen pyrophosphate, potassium carbonate, carragene, and more (there’ll be a test afterwards).

Now these guys may be the proverbial “average joes” but don’t let that fool you. They may have real jobs, but they’re also accomplished runners and a rider like you, and within them lays a rebellious streak of passion and creativity. They realized that whole food nutrition was all that humans could consume for over a million years when there were no labs, no test tubes. Well, okay, there were the occasional snake oil salesmen, but smart folks like you didn’t buy snake oil. So the seed was planted and up popped…Nanu!

Now these guys knew this humble guy at KIR Natural Foods who always liked to say, “Wake up. A sea change is taking place in food and lifestyle. People want healthy food alternatives that don’t contain chemicals and additives, and food that is processed in ways that retains the true nutritional value of what we consume.” Okay, maybe not so humble! But still, a match was made.

So why does Nanu follow YOU? Because you are that human being, committed to extending your fitness and ability and demanding healthier options. No one has paid you a gazillion dollars to work as hard as you do. You do it because you love it, you need it, you want it, you believe in it, you gotta have it! (Run, Forrest, run!) Admit it! YOU are the sea change. YOU are demanding something that you know will help you grow and not harm you while you are at it. YOU are the reason Nanu exists. YOU are the voices we heard inside our little heads, and are driving us to find a better way.

What makes Nanu special? Whole food and nothing but whole food. And we aren’t done. There are more Nanu products soon to come from KIR. So train with us, run with us, climb with us, swim with us, teach us. Isn’t it time to get healthy the natural way? #runformaureen, #panache, #chirunning, #naturalfitness #nanuforathletes

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