Why Nanu?

“Getting in the Game” was a fabulous article in Whole Foods Magazine, September 2014 issue. http://www.wholefoodsmagazine.com/supplements/features/getting-game (FYI, the magazine is not related to the food store.) KIR suggests that you read the complete article but short of that here are some really important highlights:
• “The times they are a changin’. Sports nutrition isn’t just for serious athletes anymore.” (Dr. MacDonald, researcher)
• “Today’s mainstream audience wants to increase energy and improve athletic performance but they are unwilling to accept even the possibility of negative cardiovascular and central nervous system side effects.” (Bob Green, Chairman, Advanta Z)
• An analyst, Richard Parker, identified these new consumers as “lifestyle users”. They see sports nutrition as another building stone in developing an overall healthier lifestyle.
• Dr. MacDonald says the change is not a trend, but rather a revolution. “The human body is a well oiled machine, and like a car it needs fuel. The more pure the fuel, the better the performance.”
• “There are many energy supplements on the market today that deliver short term effects that consumers can ‘feel’.” (Bob Green) Unfortunately these ingredients can generate negative effects as well.

They may not be directly endorsing Nanu as a product. But their comments help answer the question, Why Nanu? www.nanuperformance.com

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