You are not a lab rat

You train hard. You get your butt out there even when you dread it. When you are done, you love it! When you are done you know that you will do it again. Why? Perhaps you love yourself. Perhaps you love someone else and want time with them. Perhaps you have a lot more to do in life. So you don’t pack it in. You just go again.

Whatever your motivation, doesn’t it make sense to go the whole distance and not just swim or bike or run or climb or hike or…holy smokes…there is so much we can do. Well shouldn’t you also make sure the nutrition you take does your body good? Does justice to your effort? Stop the nonsense. Eat good food. Don’t eat lab food. You are not a lab rat. Treat yourself well.

Try Nanu.  Whole food and nothing but whole food. Go for it.

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